Ideas for a Dream Master Bathroom

Master bathrooms are quickly becoming a private oasis, a getaway from the everyday. In order to create this secluded little space of retreat, more effort is being put into making bathrooms a place of rest and recovery, versus the “one stop shop” they used to be. A common theme for homeowners today is incorporating the spa element to transform the bathroom into a virtual zen of relaxation.

Whether you have $5 or $5000 to spend on transforming your bathroom space, you can have a luxurious bath, even on a budget. You just need to know what areas to cut corners and what areas to step it up.

When making your luxury dream bathroom plan, be sure to start with the essentials. In a bathroom, plumbing is key.

“You don’t need high-end, but high-quality is essential. There’s nothing worse than a poorly functioning shower,” says Susan Marinello, Principal Design Director of Susan Marinello Interiors in Seattle, WA. “If your bath isn’t functioning in a luxurious way, or your shower set-up is poor, or your sink faucets don’t flow properly, the entire bathroom fails.”

Once you have established solid plumbing and added some eye-catching fixtures, the blank slate is now ready to create. Does your oasis include high-tech options like mirror-mounted televisions or MP3 stereo systems in the shower? Perhaps a mini bar or a warming tray for your towels is on your wish list. But if you are starting with a clean slate and an average, more modest budget, tuck those high-end feature dreams away for a bit and concentrate on some basic design ideas you can incorporate into your dream bathroom that can transform it into your own private getaway. Here are just a few:

Clean “Slate.”  For an overall clean, consistent look, choose one material to finish out the bathroom in. It can be porcelain or ceramic tiles instead of marble, but whatever material you choose, by selecting only one, you keep the look simple and clean.

Take Me Away. For a low-cost trick to recreate a spa like environment, Los Angeles interior designer Leslie Harris recommends putting your lights on a dimmer and implementing a sound system, even if it’s on your iPod.

Tropical Toes. Install electric heating pads under the flooring material. Just by heating a small three foot by three foot pad in front of the shower or the vanity area, you can really enhance the warmth of the entire room and completely transform the atmosphere.

It’s the Little Things. The little luxuries like fresh flowers, decorative soaps, scented candles and extra fluffy towels add a pop of tranquility and a much deserved pampered touch to your new and improved bathroom.

Color My World. Choose natural room colors of blues, greens and golds are perfect for a soothing getaway. Add a window garden or photos of a favorite mountain retreat of your dreams to complete the theme.

With the master bathroom quickly becoming the most popular room in the house, trends toward spending a little more money in that room are ramping up as retreating to a private area of pampering has become a highly sought after luxury to conclude a hectic day. Even on a small budget, you can transform your bathroom into your own private haven and soothe away the stresses of a busy day.

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