How to Enhance the Curb Appeal of your Louisville Custom Home

You’ve seen it before. You might have even pointed out the window at the refrigerator on the front porch or the overstuffed and ripped couch right outside the front door filled with spectators staring back at you. Now that’s curb “un” appeal.

So, what if you never intend on decorating with a fridge or making a sitting room out of your front porch? If you are looking for positive curb appeal there are several basic things you can do to enhance your front yard’s appearance.

  1. Fresh Mulch – The cheapest way to improve your yard’s look is with a fresh layer of dark mulch.
  2. Front Door Focus – A fresh coat of paint with a bright color is the quickest way to get your house noticed in a positive way. Also replace kick-plates that are rusted, doorbells that are not working and update any outdated or non-working door handles or deadbolts.
  3. Grease – Elbow grease, that is. A clean appearance from the outside makes a first impression, so be sure to remove oily stains from the driveway, remove mold from the siding, power wash the deck, porch and stairs. Make sure your mailbox is also free of chipped paint or damaged parts.
  4. Flowers – Fill in your flower beds with annuals and replace any flowers that are struggling or overgrown. Dead spots and outlets should be covered with large potted plants.
  5. Prune – The weed kind. Mowing, trimming, weeding and maintaining an overall manicured yard present a strong positive message. An overgrown, weed infested yard is the worst image to present. Sending the message that you take care of your home on the outside, says your home is probably well cared for on the inside also.

So, whether you are trying to sell your home or just make it pop from the street view, basic maintenance and man power can give your home the appeal you desire right from the curb.

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