How to Choose the Right Lot to Build a Custom Home

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home builder LouisvilleBuilding a custom house is a very exciting opportunity, and allows you to choose all the details in order to get the home of your dreams. You will be able to specify exactly what you want and have it built to your own preferences and specifications. The first step in the process is to choose where you want to build. This is no simple choice and can be intimidating for many. Location is extremely important because this is the one thing you can never change. This small guide will look at how to choose the right lot to build a custom home on, so you can avoid the possibility of making a costly mistake.


The first thing you will want to look for in a lot is the location in relation to the local amenities. You will want to make sure that your home is within comfortable reach of schools, hospitals, doctor offices, and shops. Of course, your lifestyle will affect this. Some people don’t mind living out in a more rural setting and then occasionally traveling to shops and restaurants in the nearest town, but this would be a nightmare for other people. Choose a location that offers the right balance of quiet and convenience for you.

Always Visit in Person

You should make every effort to actually visit a potential lot before buying it. This gives you the advantage of being able to see firsthand how close the neighbors are, what the neighborhood will be like, and even check out some of the views. It might seem like big task, especially if it requires travel, but photographs and third-hand descriptions won’t give you the feel of a property, and some can even be misleading.

Consider taking someone else with you to look at the lot. It’s a good idea to have another pair of eyes looking things over. It can be easy to get caught up in the moment and miss something important.

Size of the Lot

Make sure that the size of the lot you are considering is suitable for the type of home you want to build. There’s no point cramming a huge home for a big family onto a tiny lot. Make sure there is plenty of space available for the building and enough room left over for the yard that will suit your needs.

Cost of Building on the Lot

Although it is possible to build virtually anywhere, there will be additional costs with building in certain locations. It’s a good idea to have an expert look at the lot to advise you how much it will cost to build. Check for added costs like HOA fees for building in a new neighborhood and if they have all types of utilities available.

Building a custom home is something that’s very personal. A perfect building lot for one person, might not be suitable for someone else. Make sure you think long and hard before selecting the lot for your new home.

Now that you’ve thought through your needs in a lot for your new home write them down and take them with you when looking at land. It will serve as a checklist making sure that when you build you will be happy with your new home for many years to come.

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