How This Louisville Custom Home Builder Goes Above and Beyond

When we began building homes, we decided we were not going to just build with standard practices. Anyone can do that. What we wanted to do was build a superior custom home that went well beyond just the standards that were set. We want to far exceed expectations and do things that a home builder would do for themselves when they are building their own custom home.

Here is one way we go above and beyond the standards of home construction and exceed expectations. Once the framing is completed, the floors are installed—usually a 3/4 decking material is put down over sixteen inch centered floor joists. Once the exterior of the home is complete (under roof and exterior walls), the electricians, plumbers, and heating and cooling contractors “rough in” their area of work before the drywall is installed. Once the drywall is complete, the electricians, plumbers, and HVAC contractors then finish their work and the walls are ready for priming and paint. When all the dust settles, builders have their cleaning crews go through and clean up all the debris or construction waste left behind before the carpet or tile is installed.

We add a very important step before the flooring is installed. We seal the floors! It may sound basic and unimportant, but it is hugely important. When we say we seal the, floor we mean we roll the wood decking with a latex enamel to seal all the dust that can not be removed during the vacuuming. Not only does this seal the dust in, it also acts as a protective coating in the future case of spills. Ply and pressed wood products can buckle and swell when they get wet repeatedly. By sealing the floors before the flooring goes in, it will also make stain removal from carpet easier. Often when stains occur on the carpets, the cause of the stains can be pushed into the pad and wood below the pad. Every time that area gets wet it can cause the stain to reappear. By sealing the floor and using a professional cleaning service, you are more likely to get rid of the source of the stain completely the first time.

Again, this is one way we go above and beyond the basic standards of construction. We want to be known as the best of all Louisville custom home builders. If you are preparing to build a home, be sure to seal your floors. It is an investment you won’t regret.

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