Homearama Louisville is Coming Up

For a custom home builder in Louisville, Ky, Homearama is always an exciting time of the year. It’s a time when some of the best custom home builders in the Louisville area have a chance to display some of the current trends in building and design.

It’s also a chance to showcase some of the new up-and-coming neighborhoods Louisville has to offer. So whether you’re looking to build, buy, or just browse, Homearama is a great event enjoyed by many in the community.

This year’s Homearama takes place in Locust Creek and Rock Springs from July 13-28, 2013. Tickets for Homearama 2013 will be $10 per person at the gate or you can purchase a $15 per person dual site ticket that can be used once per site on any two days of the event. Occasionally we stumble on some extra tickets, so reach out to us through our website or social media to inquire.

Remax Properties East gives us a detailed video preview of one home you can expect to visit at this year’s Homearama. One trend that we’re seeing homeowners embrace is smaller homes with amenity upgrades. This means that the size of the home is not as important as the features inside of it. For example, many homeowners are looking for high-end finishes and appliances in homes with smaller floor plans. Watch the video below to see more. For more information about Homearama, visit HBAL’s website.

Even though we’re not participating this year, we’ve won many Homearama awards over the years, and we’d love to help you build your next custom home in Louisville, KY. Or maybe even a Homearama home for next year’s event.

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