Home Trend Garden and Remodeling Show Recap

If you stopped by to see our booth at the Home Garden and Remodeling Show then thanks. We participated in the annual event for the first time in several years and we’re glad we did.

Although we’re doing many creative things with our inbound marketing, we still realize you can’t pass on the chance to get your name out in an event of this scale.

We’d like to thank the Homebuilders Association for organizing the event and Trend Appliances for their main sponsorship.

Three reasons we gleaned for getting an annual booth in this event:

1) You get your name out there and you can get a few leads. One lead that turns into a paying customer probably pays for most of the cost. Then the rest of the exposure is just gravy.

2) You get to say hi to all the old faces you’ve done business with over the years. They keep getting older but they also get a little wiser too.

3) You get the pulse on the industry. You can walk around and see who is still in the game, who’s new, and what innovative products catch your eye.

We gave away some Lowe’s gift cards to individuals who signed up for our monthly newsletter. They will be contacted directly via the email address they used to register. We have some more cards for a future contest or promotion.

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