Home Improvement Products To Watch For in 2012

Technology is growing at an astonishing rate. This is true of construction products and 2012 is not exception for innovation in our field. There are some really exciting products that are coming out in categories that most consider to be “green technologies.” Many people are not overly concerned with whether new products are green or not but when they find out that the green product innovations cost less or the same, and save them money, they start to listen. Here are a few products that are intriguing and we wanted to highlight this week.

Eon Coatings – This is an epoxy spray on product, meaning there are two products mixed together simultaneously when sprayed on to surfaces. The two basic ingredients are phosphoric acid and magnesium hydroxide “milk of magnesia.” The amazing thing about this product is that it bonds with any surface you apply it to and the result is a ceramic barrier that gives fire protective qualities and corrosion protection. This product will eventually be available in colors and can be applied as a general consumer product. It has no VOCs so there are no respiratory hazards and it cost as much as most premium paints. It already has wide use in commercial and marine applications.

Graywater Systems – These systems collect waste water from sinks and drains throughout your home and pass them through filtration systems into a storage tank to create water that can be used for outdoor irrigation. When the tank fills it then pumps water to the irrigation system. Many systems can rely fully on gravity-fed engineering so no power is needed and you can repurpose water for your garden, lawn, and trees.

Philips EnduraLEDs from Philips Lighting – Philips has developed what they call the replacement to the 60 watt incandescent light bulb. The A19 lamp, according to Philips, “lasts 25 times longer and uses 80% less energy than the 60W incandescent it was designed to replace.” The packaging states that each lamp will last 22.8 years. You heard me right. The projected annual savings are printed right on the box; $132.62 life-time savings and an annual operational cost of $1.51. They even come in dimmable versions. The cost for one bulb is about $25 but the cost of the bulb is factored into the lifetime savings.

There are always new products, gadgets, and innovations unveiled every year and we stay on top of all the latest happenings in the construction industry so you don’t have to.

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