HBAL Says It’s a Great Time to Buy or Build a New Home in Louisville

Recently, the Home Builders Association of Louisville (HBAL) Executive Vice President Chuck Kavanaugh recorded a video on the benefits of buying or building a new home in the Louisville market. We’ve embedded the video below. Chuck mentions several great reasons why a new home is preferred over an existing one. He also mentions the timing and economic factors in your favor.

Perry Lyons, owner of P.L. Lyons Inc, has served side by side with Chuck and others on the HBAL Board of Directors for many years. Currently, Perry is the Vice President.

If you’re looking to buy quickly in the area, then the search feature on the right side of the HBAL home page is very handy. If you’re in the market for a new custom home in Louisville or surrounding counties, then reach out to us directly on our website.

P.S. We love the new HBAL website look. It was redesigned and relaunched in the past year.

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