From Concept to Completion: The Process from a Louisville Custom Homebuilder

Purchasing a custom built home comes with a whirlwind of decisions and hours of meticulous planning. Louisville custom home builder PL Lyons makes that process flow flawlessly as he walks homeowners through their new home project from Concept to Completion.

With over 35 years experience in building and remodeling custom homes, Perry Lyons has established a system that allows homeowners to walk through the home building process with confidence and a predictable plan for their dream home.

In the first part of this three-part video series, we will observe the different steps involved in the Concept Phase of planning your custom home, including meetings with the homeowner, frequent communication, and focus on customer projects. As homeowners move into the Construction Phase, decisions are made about the actual structure of the home and all of the parts begin to take shape from the basement dig to sodding and landscaping. To finish out the long awaited process, we will see how many projects come together in the Completion Stage of building your Louisville custom home.

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