Don’t You Deserve a Man-Cave?

With Father’s day quickly approaching this may be the perfect time to finally give him the space he has always wanted. Yes, we’re talking about a man room. Surprisingly, this is not too difficult a task for anyone to tackle. There are a few themes that most man caves fall into and it should be easy to identify which category fits your dad the best.

The first and most popular theme would be the sports theme. If he has a certain sport or team that he follows it will be even easier to make a plan. Here in Louisville you are likely to be a Cards or Cats fan and that room can plan itself. It will require a TV for viewing games live, a DVD player for movie nights, and a surround sound system for listening to music and enhancing the game days and movies. The decorations will include your teams foam finger, banners, posters, a framed jersey, and the right paint and carpet colors. An area rug with a mascot on it can transform a space quickly too.

Another popular theme is the traditional game room. This room usually has a billiard table or a card table. This man cave can be refined or rustic. Lighting is a key element and natural materials like hardwoods and stone are a great choice. Consider a jukebox and older furniture to fill a few areas out. If he has a mixture of interests you may want to take that into consideration. Black and white photographs and historic items like older globes or framed vintage maps would look great on the wall.

Louisville remodelingThe rehearsal space is a great theme for the man who never let the music die. Put the photos of “the band” back up on the wall. Get out the instruments, dust them off and display them prominently. Get classic vinyl records on the wall and be sure to have a decent stereo available. A custom made bar, entertainment center, book shelves, or stage could be a great thing to contract a custom builder to create.

The great thing about man rooms is you don’t have to finish them all at once; they are works in progress. Once you establish the space as his man cave you can help add to it from time to time. PL Lyons has been a custom home builder and remodeler in Louisville for more than 30 years. If you’re thinking about remodeling a room in your home, contact me today or check out some of the custom projects I’ve posted on my blog.

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