Don’t just Dream. Learn the Process of Building Your Dream Home.

Our process for “crafting” a custom home does not just start when the nail hits the lumber. As your partners for all things architecture, design, and building, we want to guide you long before construction begins and after it’s built to ensure you get the most out of your unique dream home.

As a homeowner– and because you are a responsible adult– you should know what you are getting and exactly what you’re in for before you begin the process of the new home project. That’s why we are so intentional with our process with a customer. From initial meeting to the first draft of the home design all the way to the final walk through, we’ve been perfecting our step-by-step process with a homeowner like you.

Our process is transparent so that you feel in-the-know and included in every aspect of your home from top to bottom. This value led us to create a visual timeline of the homebuilding process so that you can imagine what this process could look like for yourself if you’ve never built before or if it’s been a while since you’ve done so with a truly custom builder like us.

So we want to invite you to walk through the journey of homebuilding with us now to get a gauge on what your future could look like if you decide to take the next steps. Let’s explore the possibility!

Visualize the Timeline of Homebuilding

Through our 4-phase process of homebuilding, we start with your vision and turn it into a 3-D rendering that leads to a floor plan; from that plan we create an estimate, specs, and more. A lot is going, lots of communication and collaboration, while these items are delivered. And as you are a part of each step with us, it means that once we begin building, you should begin seeing your exact vision come to life!

Below are the main steps we’d take together. If you download our infographic for yourself, you’ll be able to see a description of each step as well as Notes to the Homeowner that we recommend to you during each step. This gives a homeowner the insights we’ve learned through the years that will help you to have the best experience while building a home, and it will make the process more efficient. Download our visual timeline now!

Design Phase

  1. Call our Architect, Ben.
  2. Initial Meeting
  3. Project Visit
  4. Design Preliminary Floor Plans
  5. Designing Exterior of Home 

Pricing Phase

  1. Estimate
  2. Specifications
  3. Contract
  4. Financing 

Construction Phase

  1. Start of Construction
  2. Framing
  3. Mechanicals & Drywall
  4. Finishes

Moving-In Phase

  1. Walk Through
  2. Closing
  3. Warranty

Take Steps towards Your Dream Home with this Content

You can dream about building a home. Or you can learn about the process to actually make it happen. See each step for yourself by viewing our infographic. It really is your next move towards making a decision if you’re going to build your dream or not. And the next step after that? Well, you’ll see it in our download… but it would be to set up your first call with us!

Download the visual timeline to see this process.


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