Discover the Latest Trend in Homebuilding: the Pocket Office

louisville custom home builders louisville kyLife continues to unfold at a hectic pace, jumping from early morning meetings to late night sporting events and continuous practices. For most busy families, those moments in between are spent connected to the virtual world of social media, gaming, and music. Connectivity to electronics has become an anticipated necessity, just like paying the bills.

custom home builders in louisville, kyFor both of these practices, homebuilders have developed a new trend in new residential design that accommodates the needs of a tech crazed society and record keepers on the go. The pocket closet is the latest trend in home building design. Built specifically for families on-the-go, this small space is devoted to recharging electronics, phones, tablets and traveling mobile devices. It also doubles as a small office space where bills can be stored without dragging them to another location or leaving them sitting on top of the counter for weeks.

Pocket offices are generally about half the size of a formal home office and are often set up in high-traffic areas either right off the garage, great room or where family members interact. This mini alcove office has been dubbed the “pocket office” because it is usually accessed by a pocket door. Large home offices are no longer sensible for many households. With the physical size of technology shrinking from desktop computer to laptop computer, families are making the most of their functioning space without upgrading their home for size purposes.

Set up with built-in work surfaces, storage for office essentials and multiple charging stations, this modest space can become the family planning center and a landing place for traveling electronics. Stop by our homes in this year’s Homearama and see how Perry Lyons and Architectural Builders has incorporated the pocket office into our exquisite new homes this year. The show this year is slated for July 12-27 in the green community of Shake’s Run. Come by and check out the many new home construction and design ideas that are sure to captivate home buyers and curious shoppers alike.


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