Design Trends in Lousiville Custom Home Building

With Homearama just weeks away, the Louisville custom home building community is buzzing with the latest design trends for luxury living. Last week we showed you a video by Remax Properties East that walked through one of the homes featured in this year’s Homearama. As we mentioned, buyers aren’t necessarily looking for the biggest home they can find, but instead they want unique, custom amenities in smaller spaces. 
We’re anxious to see what the Homearama homes will show us, but for now, here is a list of some of the most desired design trends in the market today.

  1. Smaller homes—In an effort to save money on energy costs and maintenance, smaller homes are more appealing to buyers than ever before. The key to a smaller home is to be smart with the space, creating scale and function over size.
  2. Private outdoor areas—The size of your yard isn’t the issue, it’s how you use the space you have. People want less maintenance and more privatized outdoor space to gather and entertain without the neighbors watching.
  3. Indoor/outdoor living—Large sliding doors and windows that connect the outside with the indoors is a new design trend we’re seeing. While this design makes entertaining more convenient, it also lets in natural light in the house during the daytime.
  4. Storage—In one survey, 79% of buyers want more storage than home builders are providing. Builders are now taking into consideration additional storage and closet space when building custom homes.
  5. Home offices—In this virtual, entrepreneurial world we’re living in, people are working from home more now than ever before. Home office spaces are a must and will continue to grow in popularity.

What design trends are you seeing or which do you wish your current home had? Leave us a comment in the box below. We’d love to see if the results of this survey are on par with what Louisville buyers are looking for.

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