Custom Builder Upgrades that Add Value to Your Louisville Home

Louisville custom home builder PL Lyons knows how to build dream homes. From concept to completion, everything you envision can become a reality in your new custom home. As you make plans, decide on options, and watch those dreams develop into reality, it’s important to make a plan for your home that will accommodate your long-term lifestyle and add value for years to come. So what upgrades can you choose that will build and even boost value in your new custom home? Here are a few of the top upgrades that are worth the initial investment. The best place to add that value is in two of the most valuable rooms in your house: the kitchen and bathroom.


  • Cabinets – Builder grade cabinets are usually plain with little to no detail. Investing in upgraded cabinets can give your kitchen a completely different look. Always select the tallest kitchen cabinet since maximum storage is important to most people.
  • Countertops – Low grade laminate countertops are one of the first things buyers will focus on when house shopping. When the countertops are finished cheaply, buyers begin to calculate the cost of replacing them which becomes very costly when you factor in a need to replace the backsplash and often a coordinating sink.
  • Flooring – Although luxury vinyl flooring can mimic the look of high quality wood flooring, installing wood floors or ceramic tile definitely adds value and instant eye appeal for the custom home buyer.
  • Backsplash – Most builders do not even include a backsplash on the initial installation. Adding a backsplash will greatly improve the appearance of the kitchen. Choose varying patterns and types of material to complement the custom cabinets and you have a show stopper.


  • Cabinets – When upgrading cabinets in the bathroom, consider painting the cabinets or adding wood trim to make them stand out. Decorative hardware is also important when choosing your bathroom cabinets.
  • Lighting – You can quickly improve the look of your home by replacing unattractive, low quality fixtures with high quality or refurbished lighting options. Track lighting and recessed lighting definitely improve the aesthetic value of your home.
  • Interior Paint – Adding color to the walls of each room in your home is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to upgrade and improve the atmosphere of your whole home. You can also add texture and faux painting techniques.

When looking to truly “customize” your home, consider what the best return of your investment will be. You can rarely go wrong in the long-term with upgrades to your kitchen or bath. Check with your Louisville custom home builder and find out how he can help you integrate these upgrades into your “building” dream.

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