Crimsafe Screens Used on PL Lyons Homearama Home

louisville custom home buildersImagine the force of five steel balls weighing about the same as a .22 caliber bullet being fired rapidly at a mesh screen, whirling at speeds up to 67 miles per hour. What would you expect the screens to look like at the end of that experiment? The mesh screens were quite weathered, but remained holding tight within the frame.

The steel balls were part of a pure impact test given to competitors of Crimsafe, a security screen that originated in Australia and has made a triumphant entrance into the United States. Crimsafe screens are being used on patios and porches as a protector against intruders and would-be thieves. Crimsafe was featured in Homearama 2014, in a PL Lyons/Architectural Builder’s home, captivating patrons with its incredible durability and maximized security features.

In addition to performing the steel ball test, many attempts to break through Crimsafe by trying to kick it out of the frame have proven unsuccessful. Because the screws are drilled through the mesh and into the other side of the frame with massive torque, the screw-clamp is able to bite down on the mesh to grip it in a nearly unbreakable hold. This innovative safety feature can be a huge benefit for new home builders and established home owners who are looking to add an enclosed patio or deck feature that is resistant to intruders and provides a safe haven of relaxation.

For more information on Crimsafe or to see a video of its rigorous performance testing, click here or contact us here to find out how to get Crimsafe added to your home or deck.


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