Creative Ways to Use Natural Light in a Home

Louisville Custom Home builderAt P. L. Lyons Architectural Builders, we love finding new, creative ways to bring light into a home! We try to bring in natural light to enhance the space as well as provide a beautiful view of the outdoors.

Below we will use three of our custom designed homes to demonstrate some of the unique ways that we use natural lighting.

For a home in Harrods Glen, we built a giant pyramid skylight at the center of the house with a hole in the stairwell so that light could filter in from the roof to the main floor.

This was designed to mimic the light of a courtyard in a traditional Indian home, and the family was very pleased to have an element of their culture crafted into their new home. With the skylight, the family could enjoy the natural light without having to deal with the maintenance of a courtyard.

At night, you can stand in the circle of moonlight and look up at the stars.

[See more pictures of the Harrods Glen home in our portfolio]

In another custom built home in Glenview, we built a skylight into the family room ceiling that allowed lots of light to filter into the main living space of the home.

[Check out our portfolio for more on this custom home]

For a beautiful ranch we built on Baker Lane, we wanted to take advantage of the amazing view out the front and back of the house. We designed the home with multiple windows out the front and back and used dormers in the tall angled ceiling at the center of the home to bring natural light in from above.

With the windows, dormers and additional ceiling lights, the home was filled with a natural glow.

We also made sure to include both a front and back porch so that the family could enjoy the sunrise and sunset over their land.

[See our portfolio of the Baker Lane home]

These are just some of the ways that natural light can be used to enhance your home and bring a new dimension to each room. Please contact P. L. Lyons Architectural Builders if you have any questions about creative ways to bring light into your home.

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