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We are very excited to be building two different homes in Norton Commons for the 2016 Homerama! Finding a place to live with everything you want within walking distance is a rare find in Louisville, but with this charming community, you can raise your children in a supportive and safe environment and still enjoy the convenience of being able to quickly get anywhere in town.

Our new Norton Commons community page will show you a list of schools (private and public) in the area, places of worship, options for shopping and important information on taxes, maintenance, and utilities. If you are considering Norton Commons as the site to build your next home, check out our community page!

Top Three Reasons to Build in Norton Commons

  1. Old-time neighborhood feel. As time passes, our busy lives make us less and less likely to interact with our neighbors. The life we live today is a lot different than the one that our grandparents or even our parents generations lived. Neighborhood movie nights, concerts and other festivities are always going on, so you can get to know the people who share the neighborhood with you. If you desire to raise your children in a safe environment full of good people who desire the same, Norton Commons may be right for you.
  2. Charm and order. Norton Commons has the perfect combination of charm and order, with neatly spaced houses all in the same old towne style and beautiful walking spaces. If you daydream of simpler times and peaceful evenings, you will love this neighborhood!
  3. An ideal location. Not only are shops conveniently located within Norton Commons, the neighborhood itself is conveniently located in town. With just a 5 minute drive from I-71, you can get anywhere in Louisville quickly and easily.

A few things that might surprise you about Norton Commons

  • There is a lot of space! About 1/4 of Norton Commons is made up of 6 parks, a few squares and plazas, and various walking trails.
  • There are three schools within Norton Commons. St. Mary Academy, Vanguard Academy and a new JCPS Elementary School (opening Fall 2016).
  • The neighborhood welcomes people from all walks of life. Though the neighborhood is known for having order and a particular style, they welcome people from different walks of life and desire to bring people together under the common goal of building a beautiful and safe community.

If you are interested in building a home in Norton Commons, check out our Norton Commons community page, and as always don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you might have.

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