Check Out our Guide to Getting the Most Out of Homearama

Your Guide to Getting the Most Out of Homearama 2016

Well, the countdown begins. We’ve been writing about Homearama 2016 for a few months now. Just last week we wrote a blog about the History of Norton Commons, one of this year’s two Homearama sites. In the coming months we’ll be talking even more about attending Homearama, and to help you be prepared we’ve created a Guide to Getting the most out of Homearama.

Have you ever showed up to a Homearama event and realized that you forgot to wear your walking shoes? That’s always a bummer.

Do you have questions about the event that you wish you could ask someone year after year, but never get around to it? Hopefully our guide will be able to answer those nagging questions and help you get the most out of your Homearama 2016 visit!

Our tips are organized into 5 sections with lots of hints and insider knowledge. We tell you how to plan your trip, what to do when you arrive, how to go about touring homes, how to purchase a home or furnishings, and how to depart— aka get back home. We thought we’d give you a little teaser in this blog. We’ve provided a couple helpful tips from each section in our guide.

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Planning Your Trip

  • The busiest days are usually the weekends, so if you desire some more space when touring homes, try coming on one of the weekdays this year!
  • Children are welcome, but they tend to get restless at this event. Who could blame them with the long lines and crowded sidewalks. If you can get a sitter, it might help you enjoy all the event has to offer.


  • Shuttles are typically available to take you to and from your car to the entrance.
  • Vendors are set up at the entrance with registrations for free giveaways.


  • Even though builders often have the flooring covered and protected, it’s respectful to make sure your shoes are not overly dirty or muddy before entering.
  • Don’t forget to take pictures of your favorite homes and decorations. Yes they are allowed.


  • Don’t forget to vote for your favorite home when you leave!
  • Many of the homes have contests set up and additional information set up in the garage as you leave the home.

To see the rest of our tips, download our Guide to Getting the Most Out of Homearama 2016!

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