Building Opportunities for Louisville’s Diverse Lifestyles

Take a step outside your front door in the Louisville area and you can experience everything from complete scenic serenity to a lifestyle loaded with social options within walking distance. Opportunities abound from the traditional to the eclectic way of living.

Because of Louisville’s diverse lifestyle opportunities, HGTV’s recently spotlighted a few of Louisville’s more noted communities and what they have to offer for prospective home buyers. Here are a few of the neighborhoods they targeted:


Crescent Hill

Developed in the late 1800s, railroad tracks were first laid at this time along Frankfort Avenue to connect Louisville and Frankfort, the state capital. Early commuters built homes in this area which was then considered the suburbs. With a current mix of fine Victorian homes and smaller bungalows, this area has a variety of boutiques, shops, and eateries all within walking distance. Property values are rising, and its population has become a solid mix of affluent baby boomers who prefer an urban lifestyle and students from the nearby theological seminaries.
The nearby St. Matthews area bridges the city and suburbs and boasts a mix of modest to upscale homes on shady streets with a mixture of older and younger generations.


Named for its position atop a small cliff, safe from potential flooding from the Ohio, the community of Clifton was built in the 1800s and was one of Louisville’s first suburbs. The narrow streets in this neighborhood are lined with sturdy, New Orleans-style shotgun houses. Built long and narrow to minimize property taxes, Clifton is now noted for an artsy, diverse population and supports good restaurants and trendy boutiques and galleries.


Cherokee Triangle

As the centerpiece of the Highlands neighborhood, the Cherokee Triangle lies along Bardstown Road, southeast of Cherokee Park and Cave Hill cemetery. The triangle consists of large, well-kept Victorian homes built in the 1890s. These homes have been converted into apartments and restored back into single-family dwellings which are now home to a relatively liberal community of well-off urban folks.



Just off to the southeast of downtown, Germantown still shows signs of its early settlement by German immigrants in the mid-19th century. These well-kept shotgun houses are home to many older residents who maintain the routine of sweeping off their sidewalks on a daily basis. The old saying is still true for this neighborhood that there is “a Catholic church and a beer bar within walking distance of every dwelling.”


Norton Commons

For a more charismatic living experience, the new Norton Commons in the far northeastern edge of the city, is a brand new traditional neighborhood developed to resemble an old fashioned urban community. It offers houses on small lots with front porches made for sitting and nightly reflection in conversation with neighbors. A village center with restaurants, shops, and boutiques make this neighborhood a community within itself, populated by well-off suburban dwellers.

Whatever your lifestyle dictates, a more secluded community with mature trees and private lots, or an urban development with a kicking social scene and an inviting place to congregate, Louisville custom builder PL Lyons can accommodate your needs. We can help you locate that perfect spot to call home and help you settle in to the lifestyle you desire.

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