Benefits of a Green Community: How Bioswales Work

homearama louisville 2014 BioswailsThis year’s Homearama boasted many new and innovative features, from the air-tight protection of the CrimSafe patio net to the highly practical addition of the pocket office, a technological home for traveling electronics and a safety haven for household mail. There was only glaring feature that was missing from this year’s Homearama, sewers.

For the first time in Homearama history, the community was developed utilizing the existing flow of the land to treat the vast majority of storm water drainage naturally. Bioswales at  Shakes Run help to remove pollutants that often end up in the local creeks and streams during heavy rain storms. This new drainage system was sponsored by the Building Industry Association of Greater Louisville and was on display during the event which was held July 12-27.

At first glance, this new “green technology” may just look like a fancy, decorative rock garden, but it is much more than that. Bioswales are created using natural rock, soil, sage grasses, and a mix of shrubs to beautify the area surrounding the project, giving it a very natural feel. They then work during times of rain collection to channel, capture and treat oil, salt and sediments in the storm water.

By creating this type of system, where no traditional piping is developed underneath the roads, storm water is no longer carried off to nearby streams and ponds, but is self-contained, “greener” option for storm water that will keep those creeks, streams, and ponds free of pollution.

The EPA and MSD are now requiring builders and developers to limit the amount of storm water entering the waterways, so the use of this type of infrastructure should become more common in future developments. Homearama 2014 helped to pave the way for homebuilders to showcase these sustainable development techniques and offer homeowners a visually attractive and “green” solution for storm water pollution.

If you would like more information on what communities offer bioswale options, or how you can incorporate them into your next home plan, click here and we will set up an appointment to discuss any of your home building needs.

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