Basement remodels, they’re a great winter project

PL Lyons basement remodelsSo you’re getting ready to anchor down for winter. NFL football is in midstream, college bowl season is coming up, and basketball—well it’s just starting. You have old man winter moving in for the next 3-4 months and you’re thinking, “Man I’d like to have a cozy basement to take it all in.” If you’re the lady of the house, you might be thinking craft room, homeschool room, or kids play area. If you’re the man of the house, you’re thinking man cave. Did we mention that we provide marriage counseling along with custom building and remodeling 🙂 Either way, finishing a basement is a great and affordable way to add space and functionality to your existing home.

It’s not too late to get the jump-start on a basement remodel. Can you have it done by Christmas? Well, no, but you might be able to have it done for that Super Bowl party you’ve always wanted to have. Or how about March Madness?

We just finished up several basement finishes this fall. We have some testimonials, some videos, and some after pictures to share in the coming weeks.

We completed one basement remodel in Jtown, a basement finish in Oldham County, and a basement remodel in Eastwood. Although building custom homes has always been our strong suit, we often go back and finish basements for our custom building clients. Oddly enough, none of these recent projects were from custom home clients.

Whether we’ve built for you in the past and it’s time to finish that basement, or you’re just looking for a Louisville basement remodeler, we can help.

We price a basement finish just like we price a new custom home—with precision. This way you know what you’re getting and know your budget from day one.

Call us to get the conversation started today at 244-0114. Or, as always, use our online form to schedule an initial conversation.

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