6 Reasons to Choose P.L. Lyons as your Custom Home Builder

Recently a client who was interviewing us to build their new home asked, “Why should I use you to build for us”?

I quickly answered:

  1. We have been in the building business since 1974, and have weathered many storms in our industry.
  2. We are progressive in our thinking and designing, but we also know what stands the test of time. Many new companies in our industry do the “now thing”, following trends and features that we have seen go by the wayside, leaving the “dated house” syndrome. Limiting your investment because of not knowing past experiences.
  3. We have been doing many of the features required for “Energy Star Rating” for several years. We recently had a house Energy Star rated, doing nothing different than we typically do, and our rater said “You had one of the best tests we have ever seen in this size house”.
  4. We have a staff that has been with us for several years. Including many of our subcontractor teams that have been with us since the mid 1970’s.
  5. We have a list of customers that will vouch for us and our product.
  6. We have had several repeat customers.

I suggested they contact a couple customers. We just finished a house for one and a commercial build out for the other. I wanted them to see how our customers felt about working with us, especially in this current economy. Allowing current customers to transparently express their views on their experience is far more powerful than us promoting ourselves.

We would love to build or remodel your next project, and if offered the opportunity, we hope you’ll feel like our most recent customer who said , “We like your experience and track record. Let’s proceed with the plans”.

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