3 Things You Should Focus on with Your New Building

Gearing up to start a new construction project is an exciting time, but there are few considerations you have to make before even thinking about talking to a builder. Here are three things that you need to consider for your new building, and once you have a handle on these points, you’re ready to get started!

Design Around your Budget

Designing your building around your budget is the best way to actually accomplish it. Starting with your design ideas alone could mean you end up with a dream project that isn’t feasible. Going in with a clear budget and a list of your top priorities can ensure you get the best possible outcome with the resources you have available. The P.L. Lyons team is never satisfied until a project is completed to an owner’s standards. We can work within any budget to ensure you have the best possible outcome.

Understand your Commercial Site

A design and construction team can’t finish a project without adequate information of the build site. Before talking to a builder, examine the existing conditions at your site. Or, if you’re builders like us, we can help you assess your site before we finalize plans and a contract. You must fully understand these details before you can construct anything. The lay of the land, certain area restrictions, etc. can control what you can and cannot do at the site. We can’t tell you how many owners (commercial and residential) wanted to jump the gun before understanding the lot they had.

Commercial Lot

Be Clear about your New Commercial Building Timeline

Take a careful look at your timeline and come up with a solid estimate for when you want your project to start and finish. Scheduling is the boots on the ground, and once construction starts it won’t end until the project is complete. Be clear about dates and use a builder that’s committed to that, too. At  P.L. Lyons, we work hard to maintain our clients’ timelines, and finishing a project on time is a point of pride for us.

We know as a business owner or business leader, you are likely already detailed oriented. Still, you’d be surprised how many people become overwhelmed by the decisions within a commercial building project. Focus on those three things above and leave the rest of the grunt work to us! We’ll ask the right questions, bring the right skills together, and make your project happen. 

If you’re ready to take the next step on your own commercial project idea, contact us today.

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