10 Clever Remodeling You Never Thought Of

Homearama is full of innovative ideas for your custom home, ideas you may have never even imagined. If you can’t wait until July for some creative home suggestions, here are a few completely clever ideas from BuzzFeed to incorporate into your custom home or remodel project that you probably never even thought of.

1. Use the space underneath your steps for storage



2. Make room in your kitchen for two dishwashers. Load one while the other running. KitchenAid even makes a double drawer dishwasher.

3. Maximize your space in the kitchen and bathroom with baseboard drawers.



4. Make your walls magnetic and affix shelving and pictures magnetically.

5. Install an “S” shaped seat in your shower and enjoy the steam heat lying down.

6. Install chutes in your kitchen and have them funnel down directly to your garbage cans.



7. Widen the rail on your deck at the top and use a flat piece on top so that it provides extra bar table eating space.

8. Install jets in the laundry room sink to gently wash and launder delicate clothing items.

9. Install a two-sided fireplace between the master bathroom and bedroom.

10. Incorporate built-in seating into your fireplace. Fireplaceseat now replaces the window seat and you don’t have to go far to enjoy the warm glow of the fireplace.

Hopefully, these clever ideas will tide you over until Homearama in Spring Farm Lake this July. But, if these ideas have you itching to start something new in your own home, contact PL Lyons, your Louisville custom home builder, and we will help you transform your old home design or start from scratch with a few of these ideas. Our desire is to design a home for you that is uniquely yours.

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