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What sets us apart?

We are a design-build firm! Starting from the very beginning we take your ideas, and napkin-drawings, to help you in a layman-terms, design and price the house of your dreams! Contact us today so we can take your project from concept to completion and make your dream a reality!

Through our partnership with Ben Robbins and Robbins Architecture, we have an in-house architect who works with clients to design and create custom house plans. Whether you have existing plans that need to be modified or are working from scratch, our architect can bring your thoughts and ideas to life. Learn more about our architectural design services.

Our advanced estimating system allows us to pinpoint costs and show customers how changes before and during the construction process can alter the price in a good or bad way. Each client typically gets a contract, a set of specifications, and a cost analysis.

Below are some of the steps in our custom building process. We haven’t listed each and every step along the way, but this gives you an idea of the many processes involved in completing your custom home.

Your Homearama Builders

We've built more Homerama homes than any other builder in this area. Check out our most recent one in Poplar Woods and be the first to get updates for 2018 Homearama.

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